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Faith & Spirituality

May is the month of Mary

You may want to learn the actions to the Hail Mary with your family.



Join Westminster Cathedral on their live stream each day at 5pm throughout the month of May, to pray the Rosary for all of your intentions and for an end to the coronavirus.  Our Lady, health of the sick, pray for us.


May Competition

As May is the month of Mary, we all calling all members of the St Dominic family to get creative and explore Mary, our Mother, through art.

Some ideas include;
- painting
- drawing
- designing a crown
- creating a prayer space
- role play

You have until Friday 15th May to submit your creations via email ( for a chance to be featured in a special reflection video that will be included on our Twitter account and school website. 

Praying at Home

We would like to invite all children and families to create prayer journal for reflection and to record prayer in different ways during school lockdown. That way, you start to develop a sense of HOW you like to pray to God and WHAT you think is important in your prayers.  You can do this in any notebook you have at home, or even on any paper you may have.  Your prayer journal is yours and you can add anything you like to it: this can be pictures or words.

Ideas for prayer

Be Still:

You could put on a calming piece of music for a minute or two before you begin (You might like to try these Youtube Link  Youtube Link)  but turn the music off once you are ready to start. Sit comfortably – two feet on the floor, back straight, hands on your lap. Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds around and then let the sounds go. Choose a word e.g. Jesus, peace, love, shalom……as you breathe in, say the word slowly to yourself, as you breathe out let any thoughts that come to you – flow out. Eventually just be still.

In your journal – draw or use words… This made me think of…  I felt…  My prayer is…

 Asking God for _________ using stars

You will need a small bowl of water. Draw a star and cut it out. Fold the corners down into the middle. Think of what you want or feel you need to be, to be the person that God wants you to be. Open the folded star and write your request in the centre. Re-fold the star and then, put the star in the water and watch it open up. Think about how we have to open up to God to receive the gifts from God. In your prayer journal – draw or use words… This made me think of… I felt… My prayer is…

Praying Hands

In your journal, draw the shape of your own hand.  You can do this by drawing around your hand. On the four fingers write:

• someone to thank God for

• something to thank God for

• something for which you would like to ask God’s help

• something you would like to say sorry for. 

You can decorate this hand with pictures, patterns and doodles.

In your journal – draw or use words… This made me think of… I felt… My prayer is…

A stone in my hand

Find a stone in your house or garden.

Hold it and turn it over. Really look at it. See its colour and shape. Feel its texture and its weight. How does it feel in your hand? Think about the story of this stone: the rock from which it came, the wind, sun, frost and water that shaped it into its current form. Think about your own story, and what has led you to today. As you hold your stone know that you are held in the palm of God’s hand. God is with you always. What do you want to say to God? When you have finished your prayer in your heart, as a symbol of trusting your life to God’s care, place the back where you found it.

In your journal – draw or use words… This made me think of… I felt… My prayer is…


You will need bubbles for this activity (follow this link for how to make your own bubbles and bubble wands at home BBC Bubble Mixture). Bubbles are a way of experiencing our prayer going up to God. Blow bubbles slowly and carefully in your garden. They are sent by your breath. Look at them carefully – what do you notice? Each bubble is unique. As you blow a bubble – say a word of praise to God e.g. Alleluia, thank you, please God, bless…

In your journal – draw or use words… This made me think of…  I felt…  My prayer is…

Additional Resources

Weekly Liturgy

Each week the teachers will direct you to a website that gives a whole Sunday Liturgy, assembly and prayers that you can do together as a family.  


CAFOD is a charitable organisation. They have been putting together a variety of prayerful home learning resources, lots of which are based on being a good citizen.  There is a new theme every week which comes with a resource pack.  Follow this link then click on Resource Pack of The Week  Cafod Weekly Resources

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