St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Be the Light you want to see

On Tuesday, Key Stages One and Two had the most incredible opportunity to visit the Eric Morecambe Centre Pantomime (Beauty and the Best.) It was AMAZING! We were filled with glee and great anticipation. Although we were expectant, nothing could have prepared us for the time we had...
 We arrived at 9:50am (10 minutes early). The wait  built momentum. In a blink of an eye, lights were off, cameras zoomed in and action- we were ready- they were ready. Lights flashed. Sound boomed. We were captivated by the fairy who introduced herself and made it known that she was a fairy of the light. Without any warning, a creepy looking woman followed, and before long we knew she was up to no good. Her devious nature and her need to control others was evident.  Soon, in unison our students interacted with each scene (being a great audience). The pantomime was collaborative which made all the children feel a part of it. They watched in awe, understanding the clear moral of the story, to refuse to judge based on outward appearance- and instead, TO BE THE LIGHT THEY WANT TO SEE. Year 5  thoroughly enjoyed themselves.