St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Friday 17th September 2021

All the children have returned to school raring to go and are settling well into our routines. 

Our Topic, "Mission Control", has really captured our imaginations. This week we explored the distances between the Earth, Moon and Sun. To help our understanding of this, we modelled it on the playground. If the Earth was a marble, we learnt that the moon would be about 30cm away and the Sun would be over 100m away! Next week, we will be learning about how the Earth and Moon move in space.


In Art, we are learning how to create tints by adding white to a colour. Last week, the children painted the night sky, gradually darkening the sky around the moon. This week, they added a contrast to their work by painting a tree on top of the tinted sky. Everyone seems to be enjoying their Art lessons and it is a very nice way to end a busy week!