St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Fun Run


Welcome back to our class blog.

The weeks are flying by!

We have continued with our ‘If you go down to the woods’ topic. Last week’s theme was ‘Growing things’.

In Literacy the children labelled the different parts of a plant and wrote about what plants need to grow after listening to the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk.

In Maths last week, we consolidated our learning about ten and some more. This is something that will be practised regularly so please support your children with this at home.

In RE we explored the Good News of Jesus rising from the dead. The children made streamers and acted out the celebrations.

Each child planted a sunflower as part of the topic, and we discussed the things we needed and what it needs to grow. The children also had a selection of herbs to explore. They used a pestle and mortar to crush them up and mix them, and they enjoyed talking to us and their peers about the smells and whether or not they use them at home.

This week’s theme has been ‘Woodland animals’. The children have learned about different woodland animals from the UK.

In Literacy, the children have listened to the story ‘One Warm Fox’ before writing about which woodland animal they like and why. Some children extended their sentences with ‘because’.

In Maths this week we have started something new - doubling and halving. The children began by creating small numbers with familiar objects and making comparisons with those of other children. The children were encouraged to identify whether or not the two amounts were equal (the same) or not equal (different).

In RE we have consolidated our learning about ‘Good News’. The children have really enjoyed this topic.

In phonics across both weeks we are doing lots of work on writing: using phonics, handwriting and writing longer words. The children are continuing to make lots of progress so please do continue to support them at home.

We wrapped up the week with a very exciting fun run which the children  particularly enjoyed. Thank you for supporting your children with sponsors.

We wish you a happy, safe and restful weekend - hopefully with some sun!

Miss Day