St Dominic Catholic Primary

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If you go down to the woods

This half term our topic is 'If you go down to the woods'. Last week our theme was 'Wood' and this week our theme has been 'Trees and Plants'.

In Literacy we have read 'Pinocchio' and 'A seed in need'.

In Maths we have started exploring ten and some more. The children have revisited their learning on ten, and we have talked about a tens frame and how we represent different numbers. We then moved on to what ten looks like and how we can make 'some more'.

Last week we talked about where wood comes from and what is is used for. The children really enjoyed finding as many wooden things as they could around the classroom and outside. This week the children have been leaf rubbing and they have done lots of artwork. We have talked about what a seed needs to grow and they have really enjoyed finding out what happens as it starts to grow.

In Phonics we have finished learning all of our sounds and we are now putting our learning into practice. We have started learning Phase 4 sounds and what they look and sound like in words. Each day we are practising writing words with different sounds.

Please do continue to practise at home!

Please keep all reading books and reading records inside your child's book bag.

Thank you for your support

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Day