St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Jack and Jill

Welcome to our class blog.

We have been continuing with our ‘Humpty and Friends’ topic.

Last week our theme was ‘Sheep’. We read and learned the rhyme ‘Little Bo Peep’. In Literacy I received a letter from Little Bo Peep herself, explaining that she had lost her sheep. The children drew pictures and made signs to help find them. They also sequenced the story and acted it out in the role play area.

In Maths we continued our learning about subitising and the children were encouraged to describe what they could see in an arrangement of objects.

In RE the children explored the idea of being precious to God and what that means.

This week our theme has been ‘Water’. We have been reading and learning the rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’. We have talked about what a ‘well’ is and what it is used for and we have discussed all of the different things we use water for.

In Literacy the children have created pictures using water paints. They have sequenced the story and have created their own masks to act out the rhyme.

In Maths we have consolidated our learning about subitising and started something new - comparing measures. We started by comparing two objects and discussed what they were, what was similar and what was different. The children were then encouraged to look at two towers and describe them as tall or long.

In RE this week we have finished our ‘Myself’ topic and each child was encouraged to think about why they are precious.

Please continue to read with your children regularly at home and sign and date their reading records. Just to remind you that book bags need to be in school every day please.

A gentle reminder to please label everything clearly.

Thank you for your continued support with your children’s learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Day