St Dominic Catholic Primary

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National Space Center

Year 5 visited the national space centre today. There was a lot of Ooohs, Ahhhs and Aha moments. So much of their learning was embedded in history and science. However, so much new learning took place which was captivating for our enthusiastic learners. 

They were able to explore, investigate and have hands on experience in the space shuttle, space capsule, control room and explore the moon rock from Apollo17. They were able to look through a telescope where they saw other planets, and play space race while doing  quizzes. Our Year 5 students thoroughly enjoyed the planetarium. There, they learnt about the astronauts training, landing and launching. 


Furthermore, in their last workshop they learnt about rocket science. They watched live experiments of different types of rockets. It was an enlightening day where friendships grew and new bonds were forged.