St Dominic Catholic Primary

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S is for Star!

This half term our topic is 'Blast off'. The children have been exploring lots of different aspects of space - we are really enjoying this topic!

Last week we learned about the moon - and this week has been called 'S is for Star'.

Last week we enjoyed reading 'Man on the Moon' - story about Bob who works on the moon, clearing rubbish and entertaining visitors. We really enjoyed learning facts about the moon.

In Literacy we used our phonics to write simple sentences and facts.

In Maths we have started to explore number magnitude. We have made towers to represent numbers to ten in order to demonstrate how the number increases each time.

This week we have been learning about stars, and the children loved discovering that a star is actually a huge ball of gas!

We have done some beautiful artwork this week. The children looked at a painting by Van Gogh called 'Starry night' and they worked incredibly hard to recreate their own.

Next week we will celebrate Lunar New Year.

We continue to learn new sounds each day, so please do continue to practise at home!

Please keep all reading books and reading records inside your child's book bag.

Thank you for your support

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Day