St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Spring 2


For the past couple weeks, Year 2 have continued learning about ‘Land Ahoy,’ through Geography, English and Music. Year 2 have also continued their Animals including Humans learning in Science when exploring each other’s food diaries from the weekend and from researching what a balanced diet is.

This week in Geography, we have continued to explore the continents of the world in much more detail. Each of us chose a physical geographical feature from one of the continents and created a fact file about it. Some of the chosen physical features included the following: the Himalayas, Amazon Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, Savanna and the Alps.

For English, we had a go at using freeze frames to help us act out our class story 'The Pirates Next Door'. When we performed our freeze frames to one another, we wrote down different adjectives to describe the facial expression and actions of our peers. We thought that we could use some of the adjectives when writing our stories towards the end of the week. 

In Music, we have started learning a new song called ‘Shiver Me Timbers’. Over the next week we will continue to learn the song, explore the different instruments used and have a go at playing some instruments ourselves to match the beat.  

For Science, Year 2 really enjoyed discussing their food diaries from the weekend. We then used examples of some of the foods mentioned to discuss what ‘balanced’ means and how this could be applied in the context of a diet. We learnt about the different food groups such as protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables etc. Then had a go at creating a plate of food that reflects a balanced diet. We tried to avoid putting too many sugary treats on our plates!!