St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Summer term

Welcome back to our class blog.

We are back! I can’t believe we are in Summer term already!

Our theme this half term is ‘If you go down to the woods’ and last week our topic was ‘Wood’.

In Literacy, the children listened to the story of Pinocchio before writing sentences about things that are made of wood. They also had the opportunity to spot wooden objects in their environment.

In Maths we began to think about the concept of ‘ten and some more’. The children started by briefly revisiting their knowledge of numbers to ten; they identified 5 and 10 on a tens frame and explained how they know it is 5 or 10. They then started to make ‘some more’ before identifying how many there were altogether.

This week we have used Cuisenaire rods to make numbers to ten before moving on to make ‘some more’ and writing the number.

This week’s topic has been ‘Trees and Plants’. The children have talked about what trees are made of and we have explored the idea that trees give us oxygen.

In Literacy, the children have written sentences about trees, e.g. ‘Trees are big and strong’, ‘Trees have green leaves’. The children have been working really had to remember their finger spaces, capital letters and full stops, whilst using the lines correctly and forming the letters carefully.

In RE we have started a new topic ‘Good News’. Last week we read the story of ‘The Jolly Postman’ where he delivers lots of good news. This week we revisited the good news of Jesus being alive. The children made banners, drew pictures and wrote sentences about how the people were feeling and some children acted out the story together.

We are visiting our school library once a week and each child should come home with a new book on a Thursday. Please look after these books and ensure they are in book bags ready to be returned each week. Thank you for your help with this.

As of this week the children will receive phonics homework each week - please check your child’s homework book for this.

Also, as the weather warms up this term, please do send children into school with hats and sun cream already applied.

Thank your again for your support with your child’s learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Day