St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Year 3 Friday 12th January

The first full week back, and Year 3 have got straight down to work. This week has been a busy one, but all the children have risen to the occasion.

In Maths, we have been learning multiplication strategies to help us with our times tables.

In English, we have been looking at the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. We have written our own versions and looked to used adventurous words in our writing - we have been using a thesaurus to help us choose effective adjectives.

In Science, we have started to look at light and shadow. 

In RE, we have been looking at Journeys, some journeys are short whereas some  can last over a long period of time - each with different meanings.

In History, we have started our study of Ancient Greece. We have looked at the Minoan palace of King Midas and his famous labyrinth, home to the man-eating Minotaur!

Finally, Year 3 have enjoyed going to Forest school on Mondays, getting stuck into activities no matter the weather. We even had snow this week! But that didn't stop us.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Year 3