St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

Friday 15th September

In Year 3, we have been focusing on presentation. Mr Joyce has been challenging us and we have been working on our handwriting every day. We can't wait to earn our first presentation certificate!

In Maths, we have been learning to count on and back in tens and hundreds.

Our Geography topic is all about Africa - we have been researching facts about Africa. Did you know most of the diamonds in the world come from Africa? Also, Africa is the second largest continent in the world.

In Art, we have been focusing on African masks. We learnt there are many different types of masks from all over Africa. We were very interested in a style of mask we have seen called the ‘Dan’ mask.

In English, we’ve been learning about fables and morals. One story that has a good moral is War and Peas. We have used this book to help us with our writing. For example, we’ve tried to include adjectives and prepositions into our writing.

Finally in PE, we have been practising our cricket skills - particularly our throwing skills. Also with Mr Simmonds we have been learning a street dance as a class.


 Year 3