St Dominic Catholic Primary

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Year 6 - "I Have a Dream"

In Year 6, we have been learning about Apartheid and the Anti-Apartheid movement headed up by significant individuals such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. As part of our learning journey, we investigated what the Jim Crow Laws were and how the segregation affected citizens in southern states of America. During our investigation of the Jim Crow laws, we found that this legislation meant that those of different ethnicities were separated from one another. They had separate communities, housing, schools, transport, theatres, shops, restaurants and even drinking fountains . Following this, we read about one specific individual called Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman and found out from her words what her early life and education was like. Although Bessie faced many challenges in her childhood and early adult life due to the Jim Crow Laws and discrimination, the inspiration she took from the Wright brothers allowed her to become the first African American female to gain her pilot’s licence, and she went on to complete acrobatic stunts all over the world. We reflected on the values that Elizabeth Coleman had shown during her life (perseverance, determination and courage) and thought about how we could be inspired by her story. Our PSHE unit for this term is “Dreams and Goals” and this individual confirmed for us that the sky really is the limit!