St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ


We are very lucky to have a committed and hard-working team at St Dominic.  All the staff, regardless of their roles, are committed to raising the achievements of the children.


Senior Leadership Team

Miss C O'Sullivan


Miss S Smith

                    Deputy Headteacher                            (Maternity Leave)

Mrs B Sandhu

Acting Deputy Headteacher/Y2 Teacher

Mrs A Corcoran Early Years/Foundation Stage Leader
Mrs R Alger SENCo
Mrs B Burke Business Manager


Miss E Ball

Year 6 Class Teacher

 Mrs C Nelson

Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs R Ward-Tsang

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr T Joyce

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs B Sandhu

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs M Myers

Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss M Day

Reception Class Teacher

Mrs A Corcoran

Nursery Class Teacher

Support Staff

Mr T Simmonds

 Sports Coach

Mrs  K Betteley

Teaching Assistant 

Miss H Ashcroft

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs M Serra

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Chadwick

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Mann

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs I McGuinness

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Tate

Teaching Assistant

Miss J Hatfull

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Z Delaney 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Hachar

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Bacon

Teaching Assistant

Supervisory Staff

Mrs  K Bartley

Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs R Arrojo Castro

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs R Rojas

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Miss H Ashcroft

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs B Burke

Business Manager

Mrs V Izzard

Office/Finance Administrator

Mrs E Coleby

Admission Officer

Mrs K Bartley

Office Administrator -AM

Mrs L Tate

Office Administrator - PM

Site Maintenance 

Mr N Tomblin

           Site Manager