St Dominic Catholic Primary School

St Dominic Catholic School

St Dominic Catholic Primary School

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Life at St Dominic Catholic Primary School Life at St Dominic Catholic Primary School Life at St Dominic Catholic Primary School Life at St Dominic Catholic Primary School


St Dominic has a very active PTA. Throughout the year we organise events that raise money for school funds but, more importantly, also provide a range of social activities which bring warmth, friendship and fun to the whole school - pupils, parents, and teachers alike.

Visit our St Dominic PTA blog for all the latest news, details of forthcoming events and information on other ways you can help to raise funds. 

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or would like to get involved please contact the PTA Chair by email at:

PTA Committee 2018/19


Clare O'Sullivan (Headteacher)


Michelle Riley & Sally Faiz


Liliana Ross Arevalo
Jocelyn Contato


Sasha O’Mahony
Sarah Shipley


Caroline Pagan
Helen Leveque
Joe Muller

Teacher Rep

Jill Clarke

Class Representatives    


Monica Claissie, Clare Roberts, Mairide Musgrave


Linda Sweeney, Caroline Chambers, Becky Russell, Sophie O’Kelly

Year 1M

Sarah Paley, Sally Bigland, Kelly Davis, Victoria Hand

Year 2L

Monika Regiec, Fernanda Paukstys, Joanna Mulcahy

Year 3S

Jim Fenner, Rich Horne, Pete Andrews, John Regan

Year 4K

Clare Rickard

Year 5W

Niamh Regan, Kate McEleney

Year 6A

Pauline Mann, Eliza Gilmore, Julie O’Kelly, Kirsty Rickett

Year 6D

Sarah Smotlak, Vicky Carr

Other Responsibilities

Cartridge Recycling

Maki Watanabe Genoud

DVD Sales

Maggie Downs

Rugby Club Fireworks Display

 Lorna Hooks

Scholastic Books

Anne Meehan

Uniform – 2nd hand

Gillian Alexander

Uniform – New

 Rachel Lee

YMCA Collections

 Caroline Ralph