St Dominic Catholic Primary

If we live by truth and in love, we shall grow in Christ

The Liturgical Year



We return to school and remember the feast of the Epiphany, thinking about the many gifts we have been given by God.





KS1 children lead a Mother’s Day liturgy for their parents.




During these weeks we all go the extra mile to raise funds for a worthy cause. Last year was for the Westminster Catholic Children’s Society. We enjoy placing our coins on huge letters in the library, or building a wall with our collection boxes.

 Holy Week


Our final Mass of the term begins with us processing into the hall singing and waving palm branches. As Mass continues, we remember the Last Supper as our priest washes the feet of children and adults. We process out in silence, having venerated the cross.



We celebrate Easter by lighting our Paschal Candle during each assembly during the Easter season. 



Our Liturgy Group lead prayers at break time – a month of devotion to Mary.



All classes mark the birthday of the Church. Some make headdresses showing the flames of the Holy Spirit, others dance to show the power of the wind.



The whole school gathers together to give thanks for our Year 3 children receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. It is the coming together of our three parishes.



Our Year 6 children lead our celebration of Mass, providing the opportunity to give thanks for their many blessings and to pray for the future.



We return to school and celebrate Mass together, praying for the whole community and the year ahead. Bishop John Sherrington was our celebrant when we marked the 50th year in our current school building.



Our Liturgy Group lead prayers at break time for the month of Mary.


Our special Harvest Assembly attended by a representative from a local Food Bank, is followed by the distribution of all the donated food to members of our local community who are in need.



Our Book of Remembrance for Holy Souls contains the names of loved ones we would like to pray for. This is displayed in the hall and referred to during assemblies.


We fill Rotary shoe boxes for distribution to needy families in Eastern Europe



We light our Advent Wreath and hold a special Advent Assembly to remind us that we are coming out of darkness into light.


KS2 children lead their Advent Reconciliation Services.


The staff and governors join together in an evening celebration of Mass.



Year 2 lead us in the Nativity, supported by Year 1, with Nursery and Reception  presenting their own tableau and songs for parents.